Facing the Truth about Jerusalem

Those who are privy to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations appear to be more optimistic than ever before about the prospect of reaching an agreement. Yet there are those who believe that, regardless of American prodding, no agreement is likely to emerge because neither Prime Minster Netanyahu nor President Mahmoud Abbas are in a position to make the necessary concessions to make peace and politically survive. That said, the future of Jerusalem remains the epicenter of a negotiated settlement and could make or break any deal their respective publics, especially the radicals among them, can accept which run contrary to their deep beliefs. For these reasons there is an urgent need to seriously engage in public discussions about the city's future because sooner or later the Israelis and Palestinians must accept the inevitable -- a united Jerusalem, yet a capital of two states. In a recent interview, Jerusalem's Mayor Nir Barkat insisted that "There is only one way this...(Read Full Article)