Demonizing Israel More Important Than Defending Persecuted Christians?

It continues to be a source of amazement that the mainstream Christian churches in the West and in the Middle East pay so little, if any, attention to the plight of Christians and the destruction of their churches in Arab and Muslim countries.  Rather, they prefer to focus on the "oppression of Palestinians" so completely that they are blind to the real tragedies.  This myopic lack of perceptiveness has been typical of a significant part of the Anglican Church; the Presbyterian Church, USA; the National Council of Churches; the Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation; the World Council of Churches; and some Christian NGOs whose shortsightedness is limited to divestment from Israel or condemnation of it. The most recent example of this hostility was exhibited in August 2013, at the Greenbelt Christian festival, held at the Cheltenham Racecourse in England.  This festival of "arts, faith, and justice" has been held annually since 1974 and is essentially...(Read Full Article)