Dangerous Times: Is Rouhani Rolling Obama?

When Mullah Rouhani was smiling for the abject media in New York the other week, Obama got double-teamed but good. The President of the United States asked to meet Rouhani three different times and was refused three times. Then when the truck bomber of the U.S. Marine Barracks of 1984 flew back to Tehran, he granted POTUS fifteen minutes on the phone. And then his boss, Ayatollah Khamenei, publicly disavowed his puppet by telling the media that Rouhani should never have done it. And there you have it: Three humiliations in a row as Obama bowed and bowed to Rouhani, a contemptuous 15 minute phone call so the U.S. media could glorify Obama's "breakthrough," and then Khamenei pulls out the rug. Rim shot, maestro! So much for Obama's pathetic bows to bloodthirsty tyrants. If our liberals were capable of shame and embarrassment they would be dying of shame over Obama's "diplomacy" in the Middle East. But people who live in layers of deception and self-deception can't recognize a slap in...(Read Full Article)