Dangerous Times: Is Rouhani Rolling Obama?

When Mullah Rouhani was smiling for the abject media in New York the other week, Obama got double-teamed but good. The President of the United States asked to meet Rouhani three different times and was refused three times. Then when the truck bomber of the U.S. Marine Barracks of 1984 flew back to Tehran, he granted POTUS fifteen minutes on the phone. And then his boss, Ayatollah Khamenei, publicly disavowed his puppet by telling the media that Rouhani should never have done it.

And there you have it: Three humiliations in a row as Obama bowed and bowed to Rouhani, a contemptuous 15 minute phone call so the U.S. media could glorify Obama's "breakthrough," and then Khamenei pulls out the rug. Rim shot, maestro!

So much for Obama's pathetic bows to bloodthirsty tyrants. If our liberals were capable of shame and embarrassment they would be dying of shame over Obama's "diplomacy" in the Middle East. But people who live in layers of deception and self-deception can't recognize a slap in the face to their hero even if it resounds all over the Middle East. The mullahs achieved their purpose, to soften Obama up for the talks going on between Kerry and the Persian rug sellers out of the limelight. Obama is now deeply, humiliatingly invested in getting that Jimmy Carter photo op, between Iran and Israel, with his arms spread wide to celebrate another piece of paper promising peace.

Rouhani at the UN has all the makings of a phony peace, which is why Bibi Netanyahu is now in the role of Winston Churchill warning about Hitler before the Munich appeasement of 1938. Netanyahu is the only leader in the world who is telling the truth, and secretly everybody knows it: That the mullahs are violent fanatics with a totalitarian war theology. War priests who ordered hundreds of kids on motorcycles to blow themselves up in Saddam's minefields are going to make mincemeat out of Western metrosexuals. In the hard world of international power plays, Obama is now known as a habitual liar who had to be rescued from his own folly by Vladimir Putin. The mullahs know that Obama desperately needs another ego victory before his term ends three years from now. In just one year they may have fully enriched uranium. Are they really going to surrender their Key to Paradise to please Obama? Gimme a break.

The last time a big Democrat was rolled by a nuclear mass-killer it was Madeleine Albright, who actually waltzed with Kim II on a balcony overlooking thousands of skeletal North Korean soldiers, goose-stepping on the street below, while Maddie and Kim were whirling to the "Blue Danube" waltz. We do provide the dictators of this world with a lot of laughs.

Jimmy Carter must have known about Khomeini's war theology -- even the State Dept couldn't be that negligent -- and still allowed Khomeini overthrow the Shah, who now looks like the most progressive ruler of Iran in the 20th century. Carter's betrayal of the Shah opened the door to Muslim imperialism, the greatest threat to the world today.

Democrat are treacherous. Bill Clinton had four chances to take out Bin Laden before 9/11/01, and refused every single time. The result was 9/11/01. Our contemptible media blamed George W. Bush, naturally, but it was Bill Clinton who failed to prevent 9/11. Don't think for a moment they don't know the truth. They are not stupid.

Today, Obama is sending American arms to 60,000 Al Qaida-linked rebels in Syria, and he is still agitating for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Jordan. The Center for Security Policy has just publicized a complex money-laundering network of Muslim Brotherhood shell corporations funneling millions of dollars to Obama, Hillary, and probably other U.S. politicians and media corporations. Meanwhile, rogue nukes keep getting closer, while our self-deluded left keeps Americans blind to danger.

Do you see any pattern in liberal "foreign policy?" It is strategically harmful to America and the civilized world. The Global Jihad would not be rising without support from America, Europe, and the United Nations. Pols like Obama are somehow convinced they will benefit from radical Islam, but they will be swallowed up as soon as the time comes. Islamists hate socialists, and kill them when they take power. We just allowed the mullahs kill the socialist Mujahedeen Khalq in Iraq, who have fought against the mullahs for almost forty years. Our little peace present to Tehran.

Our lo-info media are thrilled, as usual. Peace is right around the corner.

Every day since 1979 the mullahs have led the national chant: "Death to Israel! Death to America!" Today they are hinting they might drop the "Death to America!" part if Obama is very nice to them. But Islam is a global imperialist theology, and all infidels must die or surrender.

The crucial question is whether Obama's hunger for grandstanding will allow the mullahs to roll the United States one more time. Does he really want to stop Iranian nukes? Or does he just want the false glory of media worship? There is nothing in the public record to show that Obama cares about American security, not to mention Europe's and Israel's. Even if he cared, he still keeps screwing things up. Obama's pathetic "healthcare" website is typical. And the sharks are circling.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is sounding the alarm over and over, and therebydrawing the rage of our media lynch mob. There is no bottom to their shamelessness. They keep digging deeper.

Today Israel is getting closer to acting on its own. In 1981 the Israeli Air Force knocked out Saddam Hussein's nuclear reactor without warning. In 2006 the IAF destroyed Syria's nuclear reactor near the Euphrates River, again without warning. Now that the U.S. government is so deeply infiltrated by Muslim Brotherhood agents, don't expect Netanyahu to ask Obama's permission to act.

Iran's nearest neighbors would welcome a fast decapitation strike, because nobody wants to live with a nuclear Jim Jones cult next door.

Obama makes empty threats, but Netanyahu does not. Obama let the clock run on out Iranian nukes, and somebody has to stop them, because "charm offensives" won't do it. Bibi is the designated hitter now, because everybody else is hunkering low in their foxholes.

As the ancient saying goes, "when you go to kill the king, do not miss." 

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