Croatan Indians Think Redskins Should Keep Their Name

President Obama said in an AP interview last Friday that "a sizable group" of Native American Indians don't like the name 'Redskins' for the Washington NFL football team. One tribe in North Carolina with about 1,200 members has something to say about Obama's marketing ploy to pressure a private enterprise to cave to a special interest's crusade. Some members of the Croatan Indians of Sampson County, that can trace their origins back to 1650, provided statements. When remarking on Obama's meddling with the Redskins' name, Randy Davis of Godwin said: Having spent years in DC and being a Croatan Indian, it sickens me to see President Obama weighing in on a team who gave me hope as a Native American in my youth. The President's time would be better spent asking NC Governor Pat McCrory why his office is currently ignoring the pleas for whistle blower protection from the Croatan Indians of Sampson County NC. Other Croatans offered their take on the president's comments. Trina Maynor made...(Read Full Article)