Answer this Question, Grover

The mainstream media loves it when conservatives step out to criticize... conservatives. Hence, the gleeful coverage of Grover Norquist's criticism of Ted Cruz. Norquist used the Washington Post's WONKBLOG feature to unload on Cruz. He did so to the Post's Ezra Klein last Wednesday. The gist of Norquist's criticism of Cruz is that he's the Music Man. With a smile and a lot of glib talk and airy promises -- and a few snappy tunes -- Cruz duped enough House Republicans and grassroots conservatives into backing a play to defund ObamaCare that had a snowball's chance in hell of passing. Moreover, Cruz' maneuver succeeded only in disrupting the Republicans' well-calibrated strategy, vexing GOP insiders. But Richard A. Viguerie, a maker of the Reagan Revolution, and very much committed to making another conservative revolution, writing in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, had this to say about Cruz, et al: Sens. Lee and Cruz have, through their principled opposition to funding ObamaCare,...(Read Full Article)