Americans' Beliefs about the United States

A recent (9/29-30/13) poll by Rasmussen Reports has some interesting (and some disturbing) data on people's beliefs about the U.S. and especially American citizenship. One datum from this poll suggests that some people appear to have soured on Barack Obama's America. First, however, the "good" news. Ninety-three percent of those polled said it's at least somewhat important to be a U.S. citizen. Seventy-nine percent thought it's very important to be an American citizen. (Even so, one wonders what 7% of the populace thinks. Moreover, is that 93% figure higher or lower than it was just after World War II?) Eighty-six percent said Americans should be proud to be U.S. citizens. (So far, so good, until one contemplates what the other 14% believe.) The same poll discovered that 74% of those polled believed Americans should be proud of the history of this country. (Anti-American educators, entertainment, and news media personalities have got work to do.) Fifty-nine percent believed the U.S....(Read Full Article)