A Figurehead Speaker

Speaker John Boehner's goose is cooked. House conservatives' rebellion against Boehner's lame leadership has begun in earnest. How do we know this? Two names: "Cruz and Lee." Remarkably, Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are leading from the House side of Congress. That's right, House conservatives, in a gutsy move, are consulting with both senators, seeking their leadership while spurning Boehner's. This course-changing development -- the beginning of the end of Boehner's speakership (and likely his congressional career) -- is underappreciated. Boehner can't possibly retain the speakership in January 2015 -- even if he wants it -- if roughly a third or more of his caucus refuses to support his nomination for another term. As Robert Costa reported last week for National Review Online, under the headline, "Cruz to House Conservatives: Oppose Boehner:" Leadership sources, for their part, are startled by Cruz's attempt to shape House strategy and work against the speaker. They knew he'd...(Read Full Article)