Why the Republicans Always Cave

Leftist politicians have known for decades that America would never accept anything labeled as socialism, and so they followed a strategy of gradualism that brought socialism to America on the installment plan. ObamaCare is the next-to-the-last payment in that installment plan. A citizenry that will allow the government to seize control of its health care will eventually accept seizure of firearms, redistribution of income, limits on speech that the government finds unacceptable, and a host of other evils that always follow the left's rise to power. With ObamaCare in place, death panels will be the least of America's worries. If ever there was a time that mainstream America needed bold and principled representation, this is the time. So why is the GOP -- the current vehicle for the center-right mainstream in American politics -- divided over whether to stand and fight or to simply step out of the way of the left's final steps toward socialism? Or, to put it bluntly, why is it always...(Read Full Article)