'Waxing Wicked'

"Say my Name" "Heisenberg!" "You're God damned right!" These last five years, a growing cult-following of viewers have bit their nails to the quick while anxiously speculating as to the ultimate fate awaiting a former mild mannered New Mexico high school Chemistry teacher, in Vince Gilligan's blockbuster series: "Breaking Bad." Its lead character, Walter White, is a brilliant man whose career has stalled on the material ladder of success. White, played by the impeccable Bryan Cranston, has been dished up a heaping plate of woe. After being told that another mouth is on its way for him to feed, he is diagnosed with an aggressively terminal form of lung cancer. As Walt spirals down into existential crisis, his solution provides the jumping off point for the series' wildly suspenseful twists and surprises. Indeed, Mr. White must face the gnawing question: How do I provide for the ones I love after I'm gone? His subsequent answer to this dilemma provides viewers with a postmodern...(Read Full Article)