Unions Driven Crazy by Crisis

It has been obvious for quite some time that Big Labor is in crisis. Unions -- especially the private-sector ones -- are in deep trouble.  Despite their past prowess in electing politicians who would do their bidding (i.e., leftist Democrats), in recent elections at the state level that prowess has been declining.  For example, unions were unable to stop right-to-work legislation from passing in Indiana and (stunningly) in Michigan, and they could not stop the reforms in Wisconsin. Moreover, labor union membership (as a percent of all labor) has been steadily dropping for decades, hitting an all-time low of 11.3% last year, the lowest in almost a century.  It is even lower than that in private industry. A recent story reports that in a recent Big Labor convention, even Richard Trumka -- head of the AFL-CIO and all-around Stalinist fossil -- himself called the situation in which Big Labor finds itself a full-blown crisis. This crisis is apt to get worse, as...(Read Full Article)