The Theatre of Barack Obama: The Show Must Go On

Though his list of offenses against American liberty is lengthy, Barack Obama will not be held accountable.  The American press will never become critical of his words or deeds in a substantive and sustained manner.  And, short of an epiphany, Congress will not muster the courage to judge him with normative standards. We all know why, but we are not allowed to say it: he is immune to substantive criticism because of skin color. And Mr. Obama is absolved of more than criticism; he is immune to reality itself. Attempting to remedy the former institutional injustices that black people suffered in America, the press overcompensates to alleviate the ongoing white guilt phenomenon of postmodern liberalism.  Racial narratives are sometimes manufactured when racism is nonexistent in the actual story -- and in the case of Barack Obama, storylines were created out of whole cloth. The unimpeachable sainthood afforded to Obama because of the new nobility has...(Read Full Article)