The Surrealism of the Bullet

Andre Breton, artist and author of The Surrealist Manifesto, once said that the simplest act of surrealist art would be to go out into the street with a revolver and start shooting indiscriminately into the crowd. Despite violent crime as a whole being down, incidents of young men walking into the street and opening fire seems to be more and more common. The causes of these incidents are legion and are regularly touted or ignored in the media. Being that this is happening on a fairly regular basis -- the U.S. Navy Yard, Sandy Hook, Aurora, and Tucson, to name a few -- the Surrealist concept of art expressed in this horrifying prophetic phrase might be worth examining. This is, of course, not to imply that a painting by Salvador Dali or a poem by Rimbaud is directly responsible in any way for these incidents of mass murder. But the Surrealist movement, what it stood for, what it was born of, and what it influenced may shed some light on the current state of our social dilemma...(Read Full Article)