The NCC and Egyptian Church Burnings

The National Council of Churches (NCC), known for its superior-sounding rhetoric masquerading as balance and universalism, has issued a statement about the recent violence in Egypt, and particularly the concerted attacks on 64 Coptic churches in that country. The NCC has extended its "hopes and prayers for a return to a legitimate political process that will result in the guarantee of the rights and responsibilities of all of Egypt's citizens." Churches are being destroyed systematically and in greater numbers than at any time in more than 600 years, and this Council of Churches is concerned just as much about Egyptian "rights and responsibilities" as about that destruction. Does this show how compassionate the NCC really is? Or does it really show how hollow that organization is and how far it has strayed from its mission to uphold Protestant churches and the exalted name of Jesus Christ? In the previously noted quote from their statement about church burnings, they use the term...(Read Full Article)