The Libs Have Their Story

Controversial radio talk show host Michael Savage wrote about it in his book: Liberalism is a Mental Disorder. A warped worldview prevents libs from accepting the reality of the problems and challenges that face America. (Read Savage's book for his argument in-depth.) As the Navy Yard tragedy shows, that includes acknowledging that it is twisted men who are committing mass murder, not guns. Aaron Alexis is just the latest in a line of mass murderers who were terribly bent. But patterns -- so what? Libs have their story and they're sticking to it. In their delusion, libs want us to believe that guns are the root cause of mass killings. They're fixated on pushing the "guns kill, not people" trope. What's that called? Ah, yes, "anthropomorphism." If libs had the chance, they'd give guns names, like Gotti, Dillinger, and Capone. But would there be enough suckers across the republic to buy that pap? Doubtful. As to the fixation part, California's liberal senator Dianne Feinstein is a case...(Read Full Article)