The Keystone XL Pipeline and the Truth

The proposed construction of the Keystone XL pipeline has long been polarized on a number of issues. Hysteria abounds, with junk science everywhere we look -- driven in no small measure by the desire to shut down development of northern Alberta's oil sands via constraining Canadian oil export markets, as well as some apparent anti-Americanism. In early 2012, there was a Huffington Post online debate over the Keystone XL pros and cons between environmental activist Bill McKibben and Canadian conservative and media personality Ezra Levant. McKibben -- obviously in the 'con' position -- made some ridiculously incorrect statements: "[l]et's start in Alberta and move our way down the continent, around the globe, and out into the atmosphere ... Because this low-grade oil won't flow out of the ground, oil companies have to mine it, creating an enormous scar. Though they've only gotten three percent of the oil so far, the toxic tailing ponds are already the largest on earth, holding more...(Read Full Article)