The Irrelevant Black Voting Bloc

The African-American voting bloc has become powerless and irrelevant due to its decades-old blind allegiance to the Democratic Party and the growing likelihood that the group will soon be eclipsed in size by the Hispanic voting bloc. In the 2012 elections, African-Americans accounted for about 13% of total votes, while Hispanics accounted for about 10% of the electorate. White voters cast around 70% of total votes. Someone might theorize that a voting bloc which accounts for 13% of total votes would have a great deal of influence. Indeed it's true that African-American voter turnout rose to 66% in 2012 versus 2008 and accompanied by a decline in white voter participation helped to push Obama to reelection. However, this did not result in greater political power. In the case of the African-American voting bloc, if a group of voters overwhelmingly supports a particular political party of its candidates regardless of performance or circumstances, what need is there for either the...(Read Full Article)