Socialist Science in the Climate Science Neighborhood

Radical socialists (often disguised with the euphemism "progressives") have many potential avenues they can travel to arrive at their ends -- an end that justifies its means.  And, rather than a goal to save lives or help the poor, the nefarious ends of socialists unfortunately seems to be their own power and control over the rest of us great unwashed. Typically, the socialist trail is carved out through the down-trodden by whipping up resentment and jealousy and a sense of entitlement that is to be fulfilled by the social activist/community organizer.  Furthermore, socialist socialites in high political and organizational authority are celebrated and idealized as saviors of the needy by the witting and unwitting media. Thus, the assault on society comes from below and above facilitated by the media to ultimately enslave and impoverish all -- all except the ruling class of socialists, and the wealthy who carefully avoid excessive irritation of the rulers. ...(Read Full Article)