So Life is Unfair, Is It?

Unfair. Seems like a simple word and a simple concept, doesn't it? Care to define it, though? Synonyms abound, such as arbitrary, biased, cruel, discriminatory, dishonest, illegal, immoral, improper, inequitable, inexcusable, one-sided, partisan, prejudiced... well, you get the idea. Our president is fond of the word unfair. He almost always uses the word to infer that somehow, someone has purposely made someone else's life a real trial for them. He also infers that he firmly believes that the synonyms "discriminatory" and "prejudiced" are the words that we should immediately substitute in our minds when he says "unfair" out loud. Yet there is yet another word that is occasionaly used in place of unfair, and that would be "unfortunate." Unfortunate really means something completely different. It literally just means "unlucky." The biggest difference between the two words is that if something is unfair, it is at least theoretically possible to correct by a change in culture, or by way...(Read Full Article)