Same Lies, Different Day

When the powerful cannot fully control the actions of those fellow citizens they dislike, at least they can control the lies publicly told about them. Thus, we once again find ourselves, days after a tragedy, dissecting the falsehoods spewed forth to gain political ground in the midst of a terrible loss. As we have seen with disturbing regularity, the Navy Yard shooting was an event not seen so much as a tragedy by the left as it was a welcome opportunity, a gift from on high by whatever amoral deity bestows such awful things upon its faithful. In recent months, the hyperbole and emotionalism of liberal efforts to reinstitute the Assault Weapons Ban, and other de facto infringements of the Second Amendment, have calmed in some places, and been reversed in others, giving those who seek real solutions to difficult problems a chance to be heard. Discussions regarding practical means of preventing the mentally ill from gaining access to guns have taken place among the rational, who...(Read Full Article)