Republican Strategy for the Debt Ceiling Crisis

We are coming up on the deadline for raising the debt ceiling of the country. What should Republican strategy be on this issue? In the end, the debt ceiling is going to be raised. The question is whether the Republicans can get something in return. Last time they got the sequester only because Obama didn't think they would have the brass to use it. The sequester is a clumsy tool in that it is impacting our defense capabilities in an unhelpful way. But it has worked, which is the reason why Obama is not likely to accede to another one. But the president has given a critical opening to the Republicans in the House. In a breathtaking example of his refusal ever to take responsibility, the president is arguing that Congress needs to raise the debt ceiling because all the bills that need to be paid are Congress' spending! Of course, this is technically true in that no money can be spent except as approved by Congress. But the reality is that Congress accedes to the priorities of an...(Read Full Article)