Poor America

As he waited in the wings at the United Nations, President Obama was strcuk with this sledgehammer from Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff: Tampering... in the affairs of other countries is a breach of international law and is an affront of the principles that must guide the relations among them, especially among friendly nations. A sovereign nation can never establish itself to the detriment of another sovereign nation. The right to safety of citizens of one country can never be guaranteed by violating fundamental human rights of citizens of another country.   This impassioned defense of national sovereignty and fundamental human rights was followed by a speech from Obama's that was almost a parody of how other countries see the United States -- self-referential, militaristic, whiny, petulant, and riddled with faux humility and underlying threats. He began, naturally enough, with "my time as President." Mr. Obama told the assembled, "Some of our most...(Read Full Article)