Obama's Pending Attack in Light of 9/11

September 11, 2001, I was annoyed at my wife, Mary.  I was about to take a shower, yelling from the bathroom, "Honey, there is no water!"  She had forgotten to pay the bill.  In the small Florida town where we live, I would have to get dressed and drive two miles to the water company.  Then wait for the leisurely paced workers to get around to turning my water back on.  How annoying.  What a pain.  That was the biggest issue of my day that morning. As the nightmare of 9/11 unfolded, several of my fellow Americans who simply showed up for work were faced with a horrific decision: whether to be consumed in the inferno or jump to their deaths from the towers.  Many became "the jumpers."  Who was responsible for putting my fellow Americans in such an unimaginable horrific position? Al-Qaeda. That same day, American Todd Beamer on board flight UA93 thought to call his wife Lisa but did not want to worry her.  He called GTE...(Read Full Article)