Obama's Middle-Class 'Mission Accomplished'

Barack Obama won re-election by convincing the American people that he cared -- really cared -- about the middle class.  By contrast, Mitt Romney was portrayed as a hard-hearted member of the hated 1%.  But it is Obama who is the real enemy of the middle class.  During his four and a half years in office, Obama has done more damage to the American middle class than any president since Herbert Hoover. That is not a difficult statement to prove, and it may be an understatement.  Recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show an official unemployment rate of 7.3%.  Not since the Great Depression of the 1930s have so many Americans been out of work, and 7.3% is only the tip of the iceberg.  The real unemployment rate, or U-6, which includes discouraged and part-time workers, still stands at 13.7%. Remarkably, U-6 has been close to or above 14% ever since Obama took office.  Obama has had over four years to "save the middle class," as he has...(Read Full Article)