ObamaCare: The Latest and Greatest Bastardization of the Constitution

One of the great illusions progressives cling to is the notion that the majority of Americans do not really oppose ObamaCare.  Interspersed among the majority of Americans against ObamaCare is that minority of Americans who advocate a strict single-payer system and therefore don't think the bill goes "far enough."  Once you account for them, it's not really a majority of Americans against the bill -- just a bit of finagled data that conservatives use as political fodder.   Let's first state the obvious.  If you are for single-payer healthcare, you probably support ObamaCare.  President Obama is on record advocating single-payer, and this health care bill is the "foot in the door" to single-payer that Democrats have sought for so long.   In reality, there are three types of people who actually do support ObamaCare: those who support single-payer, those who ignorantly deny that it is an effort to institute single-payer, and those who are oblivious to the...(Read Full Article)