No Justice, No Peace... Ever

In the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict and the ensuing protests, one shout can be heard above the others: "No Justice, No Peace." The Huffington Post's Charles Howard went so far as to title his column after this rather commonplace phrase of protest. Howard wrote, "To me the phrase 'No Justice, No Peace' is not so much a threat as much as it is a cry of the heart. It is not simply a call to protest, but also a naming of the powers and what those powers have done." In essence, No Justice, No Peace is a call to action, not a protest, but a power play. Because justice cannot be achieved until "those powers" have been undone and replaced. The Zimmerman/Martin protests have produced the latest invocation of this mantra but you can find it in nearly any protest; the idea of "justice" pervades modern social conscience. Wall Street fat-cats get rich selling bad mortgages while families are forced out of their homes? No Justice, No Peace. Unarmed youth shot during a violent...(Read Full Article)