Niquabs vs. the West

The BBC's Newsbeat website has just published a piece on a 'damning survey' (as it's usually put) of young people's attitudes to Muslims in the UK. The results were rather negative. (The survey itself was carried out in June, 2013. This Newsbeat report -- written by Muslim reporter Sima Kotecha -- was published on the 25th of September.) Perhaps because of that, the BBC itself saw that it was necessary to portray Muslims in a positive light in order to counteract such negativity. One way in which it did so -- and it's a way which others have replicated on many occasions -- was by using the now compulsory image of a Muslim woman (usually in a hijab) flying the Union Jack. (They use the Stars & Stripes in the United States.) Only this image went one step further. Instead of an image of a Muslim woman with a hijab (the Islamic garment which covers only the hair) waving the Union Jack, this image was one of a woman in a niqab doing the same thing! Usually these photos are of...(Read Full Article)