Natural Born Irony

Is the Canadian-born Senator Ted Cruz eligible for the presidency as a natural born citizen?  If not, chalk it up as one of the reasons why the junior senator, in the opinion of some, has no business working to defund ObamaCare.  As noted by blogger William Jacobson, such thinking appeared to be part of the anti-Cruz argument by pundits Charles Krauthammer and Tucker Carlson last Monday night on Fox News's Special Report.  In the midst of "excoriating" Cruz over his defunding strategy, Carlson remarked that the senator might not be eligible.  Krauthammer quipped that Cruz could always run instead for prime minister of Canada. That wasn't the first time Special Report mentioned the Cruz eligibility issue.  In August, while guest panelist Charles Lane was arguing that Cruz's Canadian citizenship was no big deal, host Brett Baier interrupted to assert that "if you're running for president, you can't be a dual citizen."  Krauthammer followed up by stating...(Read Full Article)