Mideast Nuclear Holocaust

After constant exposure to critically important news, it begins to lose all meaning and sense of urgency. Hearing the same warnings over and over again -- especially when the status quo seems static -- can cause a certain desensitization, a resigned apathy that ignores the warnings in the wishful hope that they won't materialize. This hope becomes more optimistic (and passive) with each passing day that the warnings do not materialize. One of the most evident examples of this phenomenon is the threat of a nuclear Iran. For years, the international community has been hearing about Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons; for years, the world has been hearing Iran make bold, genocidal threats-most notoriously, that it will wipe the state of Israel off the map. But so far, Iran reportedly still has no nukes, and no large attack has been launched on Israel. Thus, many have become desensitized to the situation -- including those charged with ensuring that a nuclear Iran never becomes a reality....(Read Full Article)