Media Imbalance on the Nairobi & Peshawar Massacres

On a weekend in which 75 Christians were killed by jihadists outside a Church in Pakistan, you may wonder why the main news (by far!) was the killing of 68 people in Nairobi (Kenya) -- also by jihadists. (The UK's 'Islamophobic' Daily Mail hasn't featured it all so far and the 'right wing' Telegraph only featured it in its 'World' section.) There must be reasons for this very large imbalance. So I will suggest a few. In terms of the British media, it may have something to do with the fact that Britain is home to at the very least 1.2 million Pakistani Muslims. The other reason is that the plight of Pakistani Christians is largely overlooked by our mainstream media -- both tabloid and 'serious'. As for the British government, the plight of Christians in Pakistan is almost literally completely ignored. As for the focus on Nairobi rather than Pakistan, there must be reasons for this too. One: acts of terrorism and jihadist violence are everyday occurrences in Pakistan -- not so in...(Read Full Article)