Media Dereliction

How important is the media? How much damage can result when they don't fulfill their responsibilities? The press is the only private institution the founding fathers included in the Constitution. Obviously they recognized its importance. If the media had fulfilled its critically important duties, Barack Obama would not have been elected or reelected president. The media is not motivated by professionalism and integrity but rather by fear, prejudice, guilt, and bias. The mainstream media has a kind of inverted colorblindness. Their form of colorblindness causes them to see nothing but color. More specifically, it means they cannot see anything but a person's skin color. The foremost beneficiary of their malady is Barack Obama. He is president today because the media and many voters could not see anything but the color of his skin. They are the polar opposite of Martin Luther King's character-not-skin-color dream. Making race such a huge issue is itself a kind of racism....(Read Full Article)