Magnitude and Mortality in Healthcare

As individuals and by our nature, we humans are greedy -- some more, some less.  And the greediest of all is the bureaucracy, particularly in health care.  It is a cancer, one that is consuming the U.S. healthcare system and taking We The Patients -- that's you and me -- with it. What is bureaucratic greed?  Specifically, how and why is it at all different from individual greed? First, we must recognize that the bureaucracy controls the government, not the other way around.  Even as the bureaucratic parasite hides itself from us, it presents a public face: that of politicians and their appointed henchmen, bureaucrats.  They work first for the bureaucracy, then for themselves, and we come last, if at all. Washington does what is best for its bureaucratic master.  In so doing, the members of Congress also feather their own nests.  Consider the major pieces of legislation in healthcare over the past fifty years.  Ask yourself: who is the...(Read Full Article)