Jews, Germans, and Poison Gas

Jewish organizational support for President Obama's temporary determination to enforce international norms and his own red line on Syrian use of chemical weapons brought out the nasty legions. and, among others, were vociferous in their condemnation of Jewish "warmongering." Even Jewish media outlets -- Tablet Magazine, The Forward and -- seemed surprised that the left, right, and center of the Jewish political spectrum gave the president support. They shouldn't have been. Visceral horror of poison gas is part of the collective Jewish psyche; also dead children. An estimated 1 million Jewish children died at the hands of the Nazis, along with half a million other children, including Roma and the mentally and physically disabled. In all, 2,700,000 Jews of the 6 million total are believed to have been killed either by poison gas in trucks, gas chambers, or by shooting. But if the Jewish response is reasonable in the Jewish context, what to...(Read Full Article)