Immigration Alternatives

As the president announces his desire to work with House members on immigration reform, the Senate Immigration Bill looms in the background. Supposedly coauthored in a bipartisan fashion by "the Gang of Eight Senators," it is really an amnesty bill in disguise. Those in favor of this bill make statements about fairness and equality, but for whom: American citizens, illegal immigrants, or both? The House members feel this bill does not address the problems Americans face today and have put forth five of their own bills: The SAFE Act, giving states the power to arrest, and Border Patrol Agents the necessary tools; the Skills Visa Act, raising the number of visas allowed for highly skilled workers; the Legal Workforce Act, requiring every employer to utilize E-verify; the AG Act, creating a new guest worker program for agriculture that includes a requirement of paid minimum wage and a stay of no longer than eighteen months; and the Border Security Results Act, which passed unanimously...(Read Full Article)