Election Fraud: Detecting the Undetectable

To know the true extent of a crime, it must be detectable. Progressives contend that election fraud isn't a problem in America because of its low incidence of detection. That's like saying that because border agents didn't apprehend (i.e., detect) any illegal aliens crossing our Southern border last night that no one snuck in. Ridiculous! No one knows how much election fraud occurs in America because under the current system much election fraud is simply --- undetectable. On ABC's This Week on August 25, Cokie Roberts opined: "What's going on about voting rights is downright evil." The "evil" Ms. Roberts is referring to is the June 25 ruling in Shelby County v. Holder, whereby the Supreme Court struck down a provision in the Voting Rights Act (1965) that required certain states to get preclearance when they change their voting laws. Miss Cokie may also be in a snit about the states that are beefing up their voter ID requirements, as well as the recent actions by Kansas Secretary of...(Read Full Article)