Beating the IPCC with Their Own Numbers

Much noise and fury surrounds the debate over taking action on climate change.  Many parts of the MSM are monolithic in their endorsement of any and every scheme to 'combat climate change' and our pseudo-intellectual elite would make Pavlov proud as they battle to be the most vocal to decry those who "deny" the Anthropogenic Global Warming theory. But what we don't see much of are cold hard numbers.  Oh we see lots of numbers of the rubbery or nebulous variety, the plucked almost from thin air variety, but very little in the way of actual hard sensible numbers that were arrived at in an actually sensible way. This is largely of course because such numbers are hard to come by in a field of "science" which deals entirely in the speculative.  Most of the numbers we hear, whether it be a certain amount of warming, or sea level rise, or the north pole being ice free by a certain date, are the product of computer models.  And any computer modeller will acknowledge that...(Read Full Article)