Dangerous Times: Are Obama's Syrian Stumbles Good for America?

Conservatives are patriots. When we see an American president in trouble, we tend to see his problems as our own. Which makes it hard to know how to react to Obama's troubles in Syria. I am going to make an unusual case here that Obama's Syrian stumbles actually benefit the United States and the civilized world. If that sounds odd -- well, it is. I can think of only one precedent: Jimmy Carter's punch in the nose from Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979, which caused American voters to elect Ronald Reagan instead. Reagan speedily restored respect for America in the world. For one thing, as soon as Reagan was elected Khomeini released his US hostages in Tehran. Ten years later the Soviet Empire crumbled. Looking back, it seems that Jimmy Carter and his NSC advisor Zbig Brzezinski actually helped the sadistic Khomeini regime rise to power after pulling the rug out from our ally, the Shah of Iran. Apparently Carter thought the United States deserved to lose Iran as an ally because of what...(Read Full Article)