Americans are on Venus, Syria is on Mars

Recently, Fox News ran a one-hour interview of Bashar al-Assad by Dennis Kucinich, the former congressman, and Fox correspondent Greg Palkot.  What we saw on clear display is the abyss that stands between the U.S. and the Middle East.  We are so very different in so many critical ways. Mr. Assad is a seasoned and sophisticated diplomat.  He listens to questions carefully and turns his answers to cover subject matter more to his liking.  This skill comes naturally to people from this area of the world; they may appear to us to be speaking in riddles, but in fact they are constantly alert to opportunities to manipulate circumstances to their own advantage.  The ability to spar verbally and maintain a confident composure is a very desirable trait in these societies, and it is carefully cultivated. I have had the occasion to work with Iranians in an American business setting.  Middle Eastern cultures view the truth entirely differently from how we do. ...(Read Full Article)