Why State Government Elections Matter

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the AFL-CIO is going to using the lion's share of its political resources in the 2014 midterm to elect Democrats at the state government level rather than in congressional elections.  Republicans, without ignoring federal elections, ought to be just as concerned about winning state government elections. Washington is a mess -- perhaps an incurable mess.  Since George H. Bush was elected president twenty years ago, conservatives have found almost nothing encouraging at the federal level.  Himalayan federal debt, surreally stupid energy policies, Marx Brothers-like national security policies, deconstruction of the finest health care system in the world, and an endless stream of weary rhetoric connected to a campaign cycle which never stops -- all this means that the best we can hope for in winning federal elections is to stop or slow down leftist mischief. State government is very different: actual reforms can be...(Read Full Article)