What the GOP Can Learn from Bad Dog Food

As the old story goes, when you set out to sell dog food, your first step should be to make food that dogs like. A pet food company learned that lesson the hard way after losing its shirt peddling a new brand of dog food pooches couldn't stomach.  That's quite an accomplishment, considering the rancid mysteries dogs have been known to scarf down. The Republican Party is in a similar position to what those would-be pet food barons endured.  It's peddling a political product large numbers of voters can't stomach.  Young people and minorities particularly find the party's offerings unappetizing. Much of the problem stems from the GOP's image.  It's crying for a serious makeover to bring it up to date, beginning with its logo -- an elephant.  Deride Democrats as you wish, but they employ logos that send clear, compelling messages.  President Obama's logo, for instance, was a factor in his two presidential victories: you couldn't step out your door and...(Read Full Article)