The Real Social Darwinists

Ever since New York Governor Mario Cuomo accused Ronald Reagan of practicing "social Darwinism" in a speech at the 1984 Democrat Party convention, liberal politicians have attempted to cast conservative economic policies as sanctioning predatory business practices. Last year, President Obama denounced Rep. Paul Ryan's 2012 budget as "thinly veiled social Darwinism" and just recently returned to this theme by attacking what he called the Republicans' "winner take all" philosophy. But if we were going to judge policies more by their results than by stated intentions, the label "social Darwinist" would more aptly apply to the Left than to the Right. Over the last half-century, liberal elites -- what the late Irving Kristol described as the "new class" of educators, high level bureaucrats, city planners, health professionals, lawyers, employees of state and federally subsidized charities, and others with a vested interest in either government funding or regulation -- have done relatively...(Read Full Article)