The Post Office is Sitting on a Gold Mine

The United States Postal Service is operating according to a paradigm set up 100 years ago.  In spite of protected monopolies and immunity from paying taxes or even parking tickets, the USPS is losing business and losing money.  The problem is that the paradigm is technologically obsolete and has lost its usefulness. I gave up receiving bills in the mail years ago.  I pay all my bills by credit card or automatic bank withdrawal.  Most of my service providers don't even send me bills in the mail.  So far this year I've written only 3 checks to providers of goods or services.  Almost everything can be paid on line or via bank bill pay services or credit cards.  About 95% of the mail I receive I never open or look at.  It either goes in the trash or is shredded and then goes in the trash.  I rarely mail a letter -- maybe once a month.  I hate actually going to the post office.  Usually, in Chicago or Miami where I live, I have to...(Read Full Article)