The Hood Comes to Duncan, Oklahoma

Was it a thrill kill or part of a gang initiation? That would be the bushwhacking of Chris Lane, an Aussie college kid and baseball star. Lane was gunned down running along a country road near Duncan, Oklahoma, the other day. You know the story by now. Does it matter what motivated Allen Luna and James Francis Edwards, Jr., Chris Lane's accused killers, and Michael Dewayne Jones, an accessory, to off a young man with a promising future who was just going about the routine of his life on a summer's day? In one sense it doesn't matter. Whether those three gangsta-infatuated creeps were thrill killing or murdering an innocent to be "made" (as the mob is fond of saying) as Crips just points to the rot -- the nihilism -- that has debauched subsets of American society. Terming this nihilism a cancer is cliché. Cancer isn't communicable, as best I know. What the nation suffers is leprosy -- a scary cultural and societal decay that is only more advanced in many black and Hispanic urban...(Read Full Article)