The American Dream: Not This Way

The maddening thing about being a conservative these days is watching our liberal ruling class, rotten to the core, prancing around the public stage acting all pure and innocent -- and getting away with it. I suppose that's why God invented divine justice, so that people could at least hope that the bad actors would get their just deserts. But divine justice doesn't always work. I just finished up watching most of Wagner's four-opera Ring Cycle here in Seattle. What begins with great lordly pride and high hopes ends up in everything going wrong and the betrayal of the good guys. The bad guys get their just deserts in the end, but only because the whole of civilization gets flushed down the toilet with them when the fat lady sings. That's not quite my idea of divine justice. What about us? In one week we have the president dodging and weaving on the illegal delay of the ObamaCare employer mandate. We have Jeff Bezos approved as a good guy by all the beautiful people for buying the...(Read Full Article)