Testing Chaos Grips Public Schools

New York State has recently acknowledged statistics that show that 75% of New York State students graduate high school, but only 35% of that number is "college-ready."  Similar statistics are noted in many states.  What is this alarming disconnect leading to?  NY State will begin requiring  more difficult Regents exams for its high school freshmen and juniors.  (The Regents are exams in New York State where students statewide demonstrate the attainment of minimum competencies in the subjects tested.)  This move is another giant step into whirling chaos occasioned by the adjustment and readjustment of tests and test scoring.  Starting next year with the English and Algebra 1 exams, more difficult exams will be put in place.  It is assumed that with more difficult exams, schools and teachers will be forced to have higher expectations and teach more demanding courses.  However, the question of what a "more difficult test" will actually test...(Read Full Article)