Tapper Peeks into Benghazigate

CNN's Jake Tapper peeked over the transom of that dark room into which the MSM has swept the Benghazigate scandal, but that peek was just a small blessing for which we should just give small thanks.  His report was not an investigation, and many questions remain, questions that I discussed here, here, and here and questions that I shall recapitulate below in order to prompt readers on things to look for in subsequent reports on Benghazigate. By the end of September we knew that there were more than 30 people in Benghazi at the time of the attacks and that the facility and annex were involved in gun-running, so Tapper was not reporting anything new about the numbers of people in Benghazi and what they were up to, but rather confirming earlier reports. The real piece of significant new news in Tapper's report was that the CIA has been conducting an unprecedented number of polygraph examinations of agents and operatives with knwledge of the events in Benghazi, in what appears...(Read Full Article)