Starry-eyed Liberal Meets the Reality of Medicaid Patients

President Obama addressed health rights in his August 17 radio address, but he didn't mention what happens inside an inner city emergency room.  Wait until his lemmings find out what having a "right" to healthcare means according to the single-payer collectivists.  If the dulled masses, schooled in the evils of capitalism these last forty years, don't wake up in time to the connection between free market principles and the genius of American medicine, the progressives' long yearned for single-payer system, already in the works, will become a reality. Those of us in the healthcare field have seen up close what government programs like Medicaid mean in terms of a "right" to medical care.  Our emergency room happens to be in a major southern urban area.  If any one of the 20-somethings who voted for Obama would be willing to volunteer for at least a month at our facility, I can almost guarantee these same hoodwinked young people would be singing the praises of...(Read Full Article)