Soul Doctor -- a Review

Directed, and Book/Libretto by Daniel S. Wise, Music/Original lyrics by Shlomo Carlebach, Lyrics by David Schechter, Choreography by Benoit-Swan Pouffer One place you would probably put on the bottom of your list for a 2½-hour song-and-dance filled bio of an ecstatic, unconventional rock-soul rabbi would be Broadway. It's not that Soul Doctor is not innately interesting, especially given Rebbe Shlomo Carlebach's heretofore unknown working alliance with the great Nina Simone. It's just that the Broadway demographic, much less the minions (minyans!?) of the NYC tourist influx, does not usually bend its attention and dollars heavily in the direction of upgraded Orthodox prayer nigunim. Or expend its eager hands and feet to how a fortunate immigrant from Nazi Vienna overcame his reluctance to perform in mixed company, engage with non-members of the tribe, and managed to magnificently expand the message of hedonic Hebrews to the public at large. Without a prior familiarity of what we...(Read Full Article)