Reds Under The Beds: Diana West Can't Sleep

Diana West comes charging in at a furious gallop unfurling the banner of treason in her recent book American Betrayal. The Secret Assault on our Nation's Character. She arrives late to the subject of Soviet infiltration of the United States. But she brings attitude, wearing her outrage on her sleeve as she recounts the duplicitous activities of key American communists and sympathizers who allegedly transformed U.S. policy to conform with Stalin's ambitions. Despite her hyperbolic, exclamation point, italicized febrile style, the awful truth appears to materialize, like a photographic image in a pan of developing fluid. Yes, yes.... it is true! she constantly exclaims. And to her credit she explores key events and individuals beyond the declassified evidence available since 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union. She notes books and articles from the 1940s and 1950s that identified espionage rings and traitorous federal officials at the heart of U.S. policy who operated in the...(Read Full Article)