Reacting to Chemical Weapons

It is hard to look at the photographs. American newspapers are showing largely sanitized versions, so you're safe. But Twitter feeds and UK newspapers such as the Daily Mail don't hesitate to show the full horror. Hundreds of beautiful children, all dead, most of them wrapped in white shrouds, and their mothers, aunts, uncles, fathers, and grandmothers. These people didn't die of gunshots or explosions; there is no blood. If you look at photos from the fighting in Cairo, blood is clearly seeping through the shrouds, evidence of external wounds. Not in Syria. The Syrians died from nerve gas -- probably Sarin, a type of gas known to be in the Syrian arsenal. Israel's Minister for Intelligence and Strategic Affairs Yuval Steinitz confirmed observers' worst fears. "According to our intelligence assessments, chemical weapons were used, and of course not for the first time," he told Israel Radio. The Europeans and the United States still want an "investigation," because they fear punishing...(Read Full Article)